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Wix to Wordpress

Wix to WordPress

Manually Transforming Your Static Wix into WordPress

Do want to copy the design of your static website into WordPress then, you need to create a custom theme.

Thankfully, It is not as impossible as it seems in starting. You just need to create some folders and files, a little bit of copy & paste and you are ready to go.

You’re going to require a code editor; for example, Sublime Text or Notepad++ and access to both your HTML site’s directory and your new WordPress install’s directory.

Now, you are ready to follow these simple steps.

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Basically, converting a Wix website into WordPress could be as easy as copying and pasting the content. If you have already used a Word Processor then you have likely done exactly this before.

If could be done if you have a small website. In manual conversion, you have to make sure that you copy and paste each and every piece of element properly.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it can be boring and you might have to adjust the format of the content you have posted. If you have a big website with lots of content than it could be a long process to fix each and every element of the website.

Step 1: Set-up Pages and Posts

It is advised to create the pages and posts which you likely to generate on the new website before you go the next step. This enables to move your website quickly to the next step rather than stopping and creating pages again and again.

Of course, you can manually add the pages and post from the WordPress menu. On the other hand, you can use a plugin to create and add pages in bulk.

1. Once the plugin is installed & activated, click on Settings > Bulk Page Creator.

2. Enter the names of all the top-level pages, separated by commas (no spaces). Then click Add Page.

3. For subpages, enter those page names as before, but select the parent page from the drop-down.

4. Review the list of site pages on this screen and if satisfied, select Create Empty Pages and set the status to Published.

5. Clicking the Update Site button will create all the pages listed.

Web Development CompanyNote; this plugin only creates pages, rather than blog posts. You can use Bulk Post and Page Creator plugin as an alternate, which is less well established but enables the bulk creation of posts as well. This plugin does not save the creation order of posts so you may need to edit the published dates on posts to restore the order you prefer. Now, move to the next step.

Step 2: Copy and Paste the Content

This is the boring step of the manual conversion procedure. For each and every page on your Wix site, you’ll have to manually copy the relevant text then paste it into the equivalent page within your WordPress installation.

You might have images on your Wix website too. You will need to manually download it from Wix and upload it to WordPress website.

Also, you need to reconstruct the internal link structure of the new website according to previous one.

After following these steps, your new website is ready in WordPress.

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