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5 Ways to Drive Traffic on Your Website

Traffic Generation is very important for an online business and you may not be able to achieve success without it. If you are not getting enough traffic on your website then all your time, money and efforts are a waste. Due to all those potential customers who are not willing to visit your website, the value of the website goes down, which is obviously not good for the business.

Never depend upon only one or two sources of traffic, always have more sources as it will reduce the risk. So, yes it is essential to drive more and more traffic on your website, and how you do it we will discuss it here:

  • Own your Domain and Hosting

Free websites will not help you regarding SEO and entrepreneurs often don’t understand that.  Most importantly, Google only recommends those websites that are reliable. And if you really want to make it to Google’s list then getting your individual hosting space from the beginning would be the key.

  • Content is the essence

A great content is the best strategy to attract traffic to your website. Earlier, this may have meant filling your content with keywords in order to artificially increase your search engine result page ranking. But things are not the same today. Google especially advises against this now.

Additionally, quality content is far more appreciated and is likely to be shared, resulting in more backlinks to your website. Backlinks not only will drive more traffic, they will also increase SERP rankings.
social media ranking

  • Social Media is a must

A strong social media is important for both driving more traffic and SEO. If Google finds a number of tweets and re-tweets on an article then its search engine giant will automatically conclude the piece as something important and will increase its ranking.

Having a Facebook Page and a twitter account is one of the main requirements for carrying online Business today, so try not to neglect them.

  • Optimize for speed

Page Speed is another very important factor that will definitely affect the SERP rankings but also impacts the usability. No one likes to sit and stare at the loading icon for long. In fact, most of the people stop visiting a website because it has a low page speed as it puts a bad impression. If someone was visiting for the first time, would never think of visiting again because of the speed. So, yes that is how important page speed is.

One of the major reasons when it comes to slow page-load times is image size. You can always compress your image by using various tools which in turn will help to increase the page loading speed. Google offers a free tool like Page Speed Insights that gives you insight into how the speed of your website measures up.

  • Email Marketing

There is no better way of letting your potential customers know about the new products and offers than Email marketing. It is the best way to provide relevant information to your customers timely.

If you are in the business of E-commerce, automated email marketing tools like MageMail can help you to increase your sales. These kinds of tools help you to retarget those customers who have visited your site or added items to the cart without completing the purchase.

So, make your website SEO Friendly and help search engine to find you easily. For more information on Web Development & Digital Marketing, get back to us at +124-4922 752. We will give you the best services and helps you generate huge profits through your websites.

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