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Drupal to Wordpress

Drupal to WordPress

Manually Transforming Your Static Drupal into WordPress

Do want to copy the design of your static website into WordPress then, you need to create a custom theme.

Thankfully, It is not as impossible as it seems in starting. You just need to create some folders and files, a little bit of copy & paste and you are ready to go.

You’re going to require a code editor; for example, Sublime Text or Notepad++ and access to both your HTML site’s directory and your new WordPress install’s directory.

Now, you are ready to follow these simple steps.

Skills And Huge Experience

Designing   —   90%

Development   —   85%

Digital Marketing   —   92%

Data Management   —   89%

Step 1: Start with Installing the D to WordPress Plugin

Let’s fall right into it. Before touching your existing site in Drupal, you need to head up to WordPress dashboard and search for new plugin; FG Drupal to WordPress

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After installation of the plugin, you will be redirected to the ‘plugin’ page. Here you can see the list of all plugins. Select and active Joomla to WordPress plugin and proceed further for the second step.

Step 2: Now, Find Out the Drupal Database Parameters

Before moving to the plugin to migrate your website you need to locate a few specific parameter. The parameter includes your Drupal username, password, hostname, and database name and prefix.

Web Development CompanyIf you didn’t find the configuration details than you have to check it with FileZilla. Simply navigate and find the file settings.php. Open this file with your favorite and locate all the necessary parameters and note them down.

Here you can see the database information. Keep the tab open for some time and get ready for the next step.

Step 3: Import your Drupal Content into WordPress

Good News..!! Now you are going through the actual migration process. Return back to the WordPress dashboard and hover on the Tool from the menu. Now, you might see the import option.

Click on Run Importer, and you’ll find yourself on a new page with a wealth of settings to configure. Go forward and type (or paste) the information you located during step number two, under the Drupal database parameters section:

Web Development CompanyNow you have to specify the way in which plugin will import your data into WordPress.

Step 4: Start Migration

Choosing Import summary > to the website content will import. Select whatever option you prefer before moving onto the Medias section. You can even choose the media you want to import or not.

Now What???

Just configure the remaining aspects of the website including choosing the best theme for your website and plugins you gonna need for further functionalities.

Make sure, the theme and plugin you choose should compliment the speed of the website for better SEO and user experience.

Congratulations!! It’s all done now. If you still confuse in at any step, feel free to contact and we will be there for your help. 🙂

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